in what is either bad media management or a lucky break for the people who stumble across our website, we only took one shitty photo of our gig and 19 seconds of video. we are planning to be back later this year at the great drop inn of copenhagen so next time we will try to bribe someone with free beers to take some more substantial footage.

girlscouts are back in the studio recording new songs and will also be recording a message for the fans (fans of who? we don’t know) which will reveal an exciting new project everyone can be involved with.

whilst this is going on sasha is also recording a follow up to his solo album ‘drawn swords’. he says it is due to popular demand. he demanded it and that was a popular decision amongst him and his ego. he is posting new songs on his soundcloud where you can find his first album and lots of girlscouts songs that he put on there to make himself look better.


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